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Delivering Excellence In Every Way. PAD (Pro Auto Detailers) offer a safe, family-friendly environment where you and your vehicle are pampered. We are YOUR complete, one stop, professional car appearance facility, offering a full range of services to keep your car in “Showroom” condition

PAD's segments its customers by type of car ownership. PAD believes that the type of car that a person owns says volumes about their driving, and, therefore their car washing and detailing requirements.

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As we mentioned before our focus is quality not the quantity.

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You as our customer you guarantee you the best value that will make you happy.

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We take our time and pay attention to every detail of your car with an impressive speed.

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Don’t worry our valuable customer about our care, your car will return to you just like you just bought it.

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Best Car fix Workshop & Detailers

Main Services

PAD offers quality foam shampoo that will not harm the surface of your car. It is safe and environment friendly.

Body Wash

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A clean, tidy car is good for your health too. All that clutter and mess in the car can add stress.

Body Wash & Vacuum

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Frequently washing and waxing your vehicle is the best way to maintain its exterior paint finish for years to come

Wash & Waxing

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Change your vehicle's motor oil using full synthetic oil, mineral blend, or high mileage motor oil

Full Service & Oil Change

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Why Choose Us ?

At PAD we take special care when washing and detailing your vehicle. Our main goal is to keep you 100 percent satisfied. We will meet and exceed your expectations. And that is exactly what we intend to do! While other car washes do rush jobs to service as many vehicles as possible, here at PAD, we take our time and pay attention to every detail of your vehicle. Our focus is quality not quantity.

We also focus on many important things to get our client’s satisfaction like :

We offer our special services to pick up your car from home, just relax and enjoy your time with your family and our company will take a good care of your car that will impress you. All in all, whether you own an import, a domestic, or a high performance exotic car, we’re the place to take your car for a custom tailored detail or one of our expedited hand car wash services.

PAD utilizes the latest equipment and chemical technology to ensure your car is safely and thoroughly cleaned. We use heavily lubricated foam rubber brushes and super soft microfiber cloth. The equipment applies enough friction to remove the dirt without damaging the finish. After rinsing, the vehicle is precision dried by powerful compressed air. Since no air or dryer will completely remove all water, we rinse the car with spot free water to ensure the remaining drops won't leave water sports when they dry.

Has your car been doing something funny lately? Is there an unusual sound? Maybe a strange odor? Does something not look or feel right? Are you not sure what's going on but you just think something is "off"? Please bring over your vehicle to pad for a quick diagnostic so your problems can be narrowed down. Our systems will help you identify potential problems to get you on your way to the auto repairs you need.

Diagnostic Charges will be 2500/- in case you decide to proceed with us, this will be waived off.

What Clients Say ?

I got a paint job done for 6 panels here and was highly satisfied with their service. They use quality products and have experienced staff! Must try for your next paint job!.

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Ashwaq was really helpful throughout the process from vehicle repairing to delivery to the requested location. As I was in abroad during this process, Ashwaq updated me each and every step as move with the repairs. Therefore, I highly recommend Pro auto retailers for their professional service and credibility.

  • 5

PAD did an amazing job with the undercarriage coating of my vehicle. Ashfaq from PAD handled the process smoothly and professionally. Completed the work within six hours and provided two years warranty for the undercarriage coating as well. Highly recommend their work. Thanks.

  • 5

Fully satisfied with the paint work carried out. Detailed updates given by Ashfaq on the job. Very good communication with customer which is rare to find.

  • 5

My husband and I were very pleased with the quality of the car wash and interior cleaning. We turned to this salon to bring the car "in order" without an appointment. They took me right away, without delay, washed the car well and with high quality and cleaned the interior, put paper mats on the mats. Paid 600 LR. Polite staff with knowledge of the matter and appreciating the time of tourists, very pleasant people in communication - in a word, professionals! I strongly recommend their services!

  • 5

I got my Mazda 6 under coating done here, Good job done and my car looks almost new, Despite my friends recommended few other places, I took a chance with Pro Auto Detailers and amazed with job. Friendly customer service also experienced even the laborers stood up to the expected level, Confidently can recommend this place to anyone, Regards Muhunthan.

  • 5

Perfect place to detail a car, I suggest all of my friends to visit "PRO AUTO" all workers are expert in their feild

  • 5

An excellent and professional paint job done on point. Definitely recommend to anyone looking to have cosmetics done to their car, with the shortest time frames.

  • 5

Did a great Paint Job in my Car! Professional service! Good job guys!👏🏼

  • 5

Best place to get all your car detailing done!

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