Message From Managing Director

Salman Razak

I'm Salman Razak, Managing Director of Pro Auto Detailers. I established my entity in 2015 with my passion leading me into a different yet competitive industry. My encouragement was completely from the roaring machines that were a part of my life. I have been a fanatic and enthusiast of cars since a very early age.

Along with the happiness to own these beautiful machines by the grace of the Almighty, came a big magnitude of experience. Attention to detail became my obsession and I started thriving for perfection. This became my maturity and goal. A mission to ensure that the time and effort I put in to keep my toys spic and span, be shared with our enthusiasts and help them to do the same. The knowledge I gained was through the mentors I consulted, but day to day experiences sure showed me something new. On a final note, I'd like to share a quote "Driving a car is like a well lived life, all you have to do is make minor adjustments all along the way"